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BH Driving School. Dedicated driving school operating in and around North West London helping students pass first time and with confidence and safety knowledge to take on London roads and motorways
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My aim is to make sure you are a confident and safe driver so you can take on a variety of roads fearlessly but don’t just take my word for it. Have a look at some of the testimonials my driving school has received over the years

Mr. Bedri has an excellent track record, is very patient and has years of experience as a driving instructor. He also has a great personality and makes driving lessons enjoyable whilst instilling confidence in learners. Thanks to his expert guidance I was able to pass my driving test first time with only a few minors. I would highly recommend Mr. Bedri as an instructor.

Tahrima | Brondesbury Park, 2018

Amazing driving instructors
I passed my test with no faults and only a month of lessons with Valon. I’ve used other instructors before and he is the best. Never late, informative, patient and just an excellent teacher all round.
I can not recommend him highly enough.
Will be sending everyone to him in the future.

Rosie | Queens Park, 2018


I was very lucky to come across Bedri first time, when searching for driving instructors. He was friendly, professional and supportive and turned me into a confident driver. I chose his driving school because it was good value for money, considering the price of lessons in my area and he had excellent reviews. I can attest that he is every bit as excellent in real life and highly recommended. Thanks so much Bedri and Valon!

Nino | St Johns Wood, 2018

Bedri has been a fantastic instructor. I really couldn't have asked for a better guy to get me through the last 2 months: From being a complete learner with absolutely no experience on busy city roads to passing my test at Borehamwood with zero marks and becoming a confident, super safe driver, the whole experience has been great fun.

He was always friendly, totally cared about me passing, was always punctual, had a decent work ethic which ensured we maximised my drive time each session, was Incredibly safe and reassuring at all times and on the odd occasion when I had to reschedule a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances he was extremely amenable and did so quite happily.

I'm actually going to miss hanging out with the guy.

Thanks g. :)

Richard | Hampstead Heath, 2018

What a great instructor, what a great personality, what a great humanity, *••BEDRI••* is the best, teaches you every thing about roads in details, on time always, he makes you feel relaxed when driving, no rush, trusted, one of the best, BEDRI (Cool, Calm & collected) hahaha, thank you so much for everything.

Amal | Queen’s Park, 2018

Bedri is a brilliant driving teacher! He is cool, reassuring, knowledgeable, friendly and easy-going. This made my lessons much more enjoyable and he would always bring up my confidence whenever I needed it. This had a massive influence on me eventually passing my test. One will always feel safe in the car with Bedri and you can be sure that you will pass with him. I highly recommend Bedri to anyone who is looking for a driving teacher - he is very much worth it.

George Aminoff | Hendon, 2018

I was referred to Bedri through a friend who'd also had lessons, and I'm honestly glad I was. I'd had a driving instructor a couple of years before Bedri so I thought I knew exactly what to expect - precision, patience and lots of practice. I certainly got the brilliant teaching I'd hoped for and because I was on a short timeframe he pushed me incredibly hard; I ended up passing within a matter of weeks. More than this, though, was what a difference it made to have someone as cheery as Bedri in the passenger seat - it made such a difference to have someone who was always joking and up for a laugh alongside helping me ace my manoeuvres; I ended up feeling a lot more comfortable in the driving seat than I thought I would be. The 15 minute coffee breaks definitely helped with this, making driving lessons a really lovely part of my week - more than a teacher, I ended up making a friend. I don't know what else I can say except that Bedri was just brilliant as an instructor and I am almost sad I passed so fast - I don't get our weekly drives any more.

Natalia Zaidi | Golders Green, 2018

Bedri is a phenomenal driving instructor. He is both a great teacher and a quality character. His lessons are coherent and all of the lesson time is spent driving. Bedri is highly safety conscious - hence I always felt safe while in the car. At the same time he is relaxed and friendly. We have had many laughs in the car, and I always looked forward to his lessons - it has been a pleasure to learn to drive with Bedri and thanks to him I passed first time. I would strongly recommend this BH Driving School.

Ed Fry | Golders Green, 2018

With only 8 days of lessons with Bedri, I passed the Practical my first ever time. I am so lucky to have been recommended Bedri as my instructor. The lessons were fun and learned loads in each one. I had no previous experience in driving before this. I cannot thank you enough.

Genc | Queensbury, 2018

Hi, I can't recommend Bedri highly enough as a driving instructor to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely!
He's highly passionate and committed to his job. His calm and patient approach settled my nerves immediately and his belief in me greatly helped my confidence. Helped me to overcome areas that I saw as my weakness.
Huge thank to Bedri I passed on second time with six minors.
Thanks a lot Bedri

Leyla | Queen’s Park, 2017

Bedri is an incredible driving instructor! I learned a tremendous amount under his care and guidance. He was very patient and understanding of my needs, ensuring I took as much as I could from each of his lessons. I passed my test first time (under Bedri) with only a few minors, and I believe my superb results reflect the quality of the instruction I received in preparation for my test.

He was extremely positive about my progress; whenever I would express doubt in my abilities, he would immediately try and raise my spirits, which I am ever so appreciative of now!

Bedri also made me aware of areas I needed greater work in, and we would routinely cover the same ground to boost my confidence in that area. His tips also proved hugely beneficial on the day of my test itself. Bedri would often use the phrase “slow”, advising me to kill my speed as it would reduce the chances of my making mistakes.

My general awareness of the road and the way I relate to other road users has also improved in leaps and bounds. I am more vigilant, and I attribute that entirely to Bedri, and his wise teachings.

I am so happy to have passed my test, and I look forward to remaining a safe driver for the rest of my life. Thank you Bedri, and God bless!

Dr. Muna | Kilburn, 2017

Bedri! The Man, The Myth, The Legend. I’m very grateful to Bedri and his patience teaching me to drive. Bedri will ensure that you will pass and will put you at ease during lessons. From defensive to gentlemen driving I have learned so much from him.

I have never come across a more punctual instructor, never missed or canceled a lesson on me and was always able to fit me in with such short notice. Whatever areas you are lacking in, Bedri will work with you till you master them. My biggest issue was sleeping on the clutch and dealing with multilane roundabouts but Bedri was able to rectify these after a few lessons. His car Golf 1.6 TDi is very easy to drive and quite difficult to stall. It also features the Multi-Function Display which you can use to display a digital speedometer which helped me greatly.

In addition to his excellent teaching, I really enjoyed his company and views on everything from life to politics. The reviews don't lie, I could not recommend a better driving instructor. Thank you so much for your patience, encouragement and free cups of coffee.

William | Kilburn, 2017

I first learned to drive on the other side of the road and driving in London was something that always worried me due to the narrow roads and busy traffic. I wanted somebody that would understand my needs and would be able to cope with my old bad habits. Bedri's cool and calm approach put me at ease immediately. His guidance and reassurance were outstanding as well as his personal approach. He always had a set of mind that I would pass on the first attempt, which I did with only one minor. I was thrilled and will be always grateful to have found the perfect driving instructor.

Dr. Tania | Kilburn, 2017

I first came to Bedri after using another driving instructor and the difference was like night and day. Bedri not only taught me how to drive, he taught me to be calm on the road, how to think ahead and most importantly, how to drive safely.

Driving was such an alien concept to me because I started late at the age of 31. I didn't have much confidence however after a couple of lessons with Bedri, I felt extremely comfortable driving in any circumstance. He is calm, patient, never condescending and always puts his student's first. He went well out of his way to ensure I passed my test, I was very eager and my eagerness was met with his unyielding enthusiasm to help me achieve what I wanted.

Bedri has the X-factor, he made learning to drive enjoyable and eliminated all traces of stress I had. Dare I say it felt therapeutic to be in the company of this man. If you want to have an enjoyable time learning how to drive, pass your test and feel nothing but confident and safe on the road, use Bedri's Driving School.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience learning how to drive. Bedri's way of imparting in-depth knowledge about driving and teaching the psychological side of being a road user will leave you nothing but satisfied.

I would rate him 20 stars if I could, the best teacher I have ever had.

Augusto | Kilburn, 2017

Mr. Bedri is an amazing instructor, he's funny, enthusiastic to teach and very committed. He is a very positive person and makes your lesson fun and always makes sure you're smiling.
In a short period of time, he taught me to drive well and safe, I went in my exam yesterday and passed the first time around with two minors!!
This is a success and comes to show how happy to teach he is and he makes sure that whatever you find hard the first time, he will make sure he does that maneuver as many times as needed till it's in perfection!

I would recommend anyone to do lessons with him.


Ellie | Queen’s Park, 2017

Bedri is an excellent driving instructor. He makes the success of his students his own success and he strives to teach his students well and make them confident. Each lesson with him was enjoyable and useful. With his teaching and support I passed my driving test but most important I feel confident in driving. From my experience I highly recommend him.

Jaafar Berrada | Brondesbury Park, 2017

Bedri is an excellent driving instructor very knowledgeable is great with people from all kinds of background. His goal, as well as yours, is for you to pass the first time he really takes pride in his students passing the first time. I passed first time with only two minors SO IF YOU WANT NO MESSING AROUND AND TO PASS AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE HE'S YOUR GUY

Lizzie Riordan | Kensal Green, 2017

Bedri is an excellent driving instructor. He instills a confidence in his students and teaches excellent driving technique. I went from being nervous to start the car to feeling confident after a couple of lessons with Bedri. I managed to pass first time with him with only four minors. I wholeheartedly recommend BH Driving School for quality lessons that will help you get your pass!

Sarah Rhalem | Brondesbury Park, 2017

Edi is a top instructor!
Made me feel at ease and confident behind the wheel straight away which is needed to pass your test and I did it 1st time!
My time with Edi was great we had laughs on the way and I learned a lot from him. He's a great instructor and if you want to pass the 1st time then this is the guy!
Thank you, Edi

Ming Duong | West Hampstead, 2017

Bedri is an incredible individual and an excellent instructor. The three words that come to mind when I think of Bedri are: INTEGRITY. PROFESSIONALISM. PATIENCE. I am so glad that I took my driving lessons with him; I passed with ease. From the very first lesson, I was very pleased when I met with Bedri. He is professional; he always shows up for each lesson well prepared and ready for optimal performance. He is very gentle, cares deeply about his students and takes the time to understand their individual needs based on their prior driving experience, learning pace, and aspirations. He also instills confidence in his students, which is quite important for performing well on exam day. Also, it helps to have a teacher who believes in you and can inspire you to achieve to your maximum potential.

In addition to being a greater teacher, he is also a people’s person. Learning to drive can be stressful (as well as scary for some people), and it is a relief to have a teacher like Bedri by your side. He is calm, patient and understanding. It makes the learning experience much more enjoyable that way. Regardless of my busy work schedule, I always looked forward to my lessons with Bedri, and while I was happy to pass, there was a bit of sadness in knowing that lessons would be coming to an end because I had such a great time talking to him. There are hundreds if not thousands of driving instructors in London, but very few of them will give you the individualized, high-quality and enjoyable learning experience that you will get with Bedri. What a great teacher!

Sello | Belsize Park, 2017

Bedri is the best driving instructor you could wish for. He is calm, clear, honest, and easy to get on with and very friendly. He was recommended to me by my friend, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. great time, great instructor, great experience. Thank you so much.

Ghazal Miri | Queen’s Park, 2017

My driving instructor was very patient, encouraging and confident. Lessons were very well organised and enjoyable. We had a nice time and I passed today first time in Watford calling for only three minors. I would highly recommend bh driving school.

Leonardo | Belsize Park, 2017

Bedri is an excellent driving teacher! He is very reassuring and understanding and is always patient!
Had such a fun and exciting experience driving with him.
Would definitely recommend him 100%!
Thank you Bedri!

Barat Galer | Hendon, 2017

My experience with this instructor is absolutely brilliant. He is a real gentleman with a broad instructing experience and you easily notice as he naturally transmits his confidence onto you, the learner. When you complete couple of lessons you feel comfortable behind the wheel as if you've been driving for months.
In generally few lessons he was able to prepare me sufficiently for the test which I passed on my first attempt with 2 minor marks. I highly recommend him to anybody learning to drive or getting ready to take the test!

Marian Dubovecky | St John’s Wood, 2017

Bedri is a fantastic instructor. He taught me how to drive a manual transmission on the left side of the road (no easy feat as I'm from the US) - and I passed the exam first time! Patient, personable and encouraging, if you're looking for a driving instructor you should definitely contact Bedri.

Joyce Fu | Earls Court, 2017

From our first lesson, Bedri has been nothing but professional, friendly, and enthusiastic. But more than that - Bedri is one of the loveliest, most genuine people I have ever met - he really wants you to succeed, and consistently puts you first in making sure the lessons are convenient and comfortable for you. Every lesson we had fantastic conversations about life and the world beyond driving; Bedri has a way about him that makes you feel instantly relaxed and cheerful. His drive to ensure that his students succeed meant that I passed first time, with only three minors. I would definitely recommend Bedri to any new drivers!

Ben | Golders Green, 2016

Edi my driving instructor was as excellent an instructor could be, in my opinion. He made me feel very relaxed and confident on the wheel from the very beginning. He was a great teacher, being very patient whilst also being very clear and precise on the key learning points and removing bad habits from my driving. The results speak for themselves, i passed my test on the first time of asking with only two minors!! Nothing for nothing not only was he a good teacher he also made learning how to drive very enjoyable, the way it should be.

Selim | Stonebridge, 2016

3 words sum up Bedri, Best Instructor Ever. Bedri's calm and patience had allowed me to learn all the basics of driving and gave me all the confidence of conquering any road, including the infamous Burnt Oak Broadway. Even when making mistakes Bedri would stay calm and I would not feel any pressure. Overall the lessons that you undertake with Bedri will not only help you pass your test but also make you i to a safe driver. THANK YOU BEDRI!

Yash | Golders Green, 2016

Bedri is a very patient, encouraging, enthusiastic, very organised and exceptional personality. More ever Bedri is an excellent driving instructor who pushed me to learn quickly but at a pace I felt comfortable with. His personality is exceptional and above all his drive and passion to get you pass first time is incredible. I'll recommend BH Driving School to everyone. Thank you Bedri.

Florian | Wembley, 2016

Professional, friendly, confident, articulate, organised, always on time...I was already driver from Malaysia. In the beginning I was very nervous because of very narrow roads but Bedri quickly made me comfortable and helped me to become a stronger and safer driver. Lessons were very well organised, enjoyable method of teaching, recognises strength and weaknesses and obviously strive to build strong, confident drivers for life. We had nice time, coffee breaks and conversations and I pass my test first time. I would highly recommend BH Driving School

Dr Yang | West Hampstead, 2016

Learning to drive, especially in London, has always been something that daunted me but Bedri made learning to drive an enjoyable and fun experience. His positivity, calmness and constant encouragement helped me relax and enjoy driving from my very first lesson. Under his tutorage I made good progress each week and was overjoyed to pass my test first time! He is a great instructor and I highly recommend him.

Lisa | Wembley, December, 2015

I cannot thank Bedri enough for all of his help whilst learning to drive, always making sure I stayed calm, cool and collected. If I felt like I was struggling with certain aspects of driving, he would continue to push me in those areas until I felt confident. Bedri's lessons throughly prepare you to pass your practical by familiarising you with all of the various test routes involved. Not only that, but his teaching caters to your own personal needs, so that you are ready to drive in a safe manner alone, once you have your licence. I will miss playing the euros and the laughs we had each week, but I promise Bedri a share if I ever win big!

Hazel | Wembley, November, 2015

Hi, my driving story is an absolute whirlwind! After failing four times with other driving instructors, I was absolutely dejected. When I first started my lessons with Bedri, I lacked confidence due to my previous experiences. However, Bedri made me feel relaxed and self-assured in my driving, constantly telling me to remain 'cool and calm', a heavily-used expression, I might add!
His genuine passion for driving came through brilliantly in his teaching, and that in tandem with his tremendous support enabled me to pass my test. I highly recommend Bedri to any new learners out there. Thank you again Bedri!!

Mara | Kilburn, November, 2015

You are going to pass the test at the first time” This was the concentration within all our lessons. I hereby announce that Bedri covers all essentials and details about safety driving. Even though I made the same mistakes again and again he didn’t give up explaining patiently till I perfect my skills. Thanks to his effective and friendly methods I could ask any question and eventually build up a solid confidence which lead me to pass the test at the first attempt. He is not just a professional instructor but a great person. Thank you very much for your time Bedri!

Alper | Kilburn, October, 2015


Bedri must have worried when he saw a 49-year old man arrive on the first morning. But he didn't flinch and built up my confidence very quickly. His combination of technical and interpersonal skills is amazing. Thanks to him I felt in complete control and managed to pass the driving test before my children! Bedri is an outstanding instructor and I will definitely send my teenage kids to the BH Driving School when they reach the driving age. Highly recommended

Olivier | Kentish Town, September, 2015


Bedri was always very patient during my lessons when I would stress out over the smallest mistake. He was always so positive and had more faith in me than I had in myself! His enthusiasm and encouragement is the reason I passed my test first time and although I am happy to have passes, I will miss seeing him every week and I will always remember to stay cool and calm.

Keewa | Harlesden, August, 2015


My experience with Mr. Bedri as my driving instructor has been more of an enjoyable experience, whilst learning. I love the way he makes you approach the journey, with joke and positivity, not with a serious face like the others. He allows a relationship and comfort to be built first, before he starts your training. He teaches you things in a funny story way, which for me made it easier to remember it. His personality is exceptional, great sense of humour and above all his drive and passion to get you to pass first time is incredible. That’s what happened to me and I passed first time.

Louis Porphire | Maida Vale, August, 2015


I came to BH Driving School through a friend’s recommendation and after reading the excellent testimonials on Bedri’s website, I decided to go with him.

Bedri is friendly, reliable, great guy, very easy to get along with and genuinely passionate about wanting every one of his students to pass 1st time and to be the best driver. Through my lessons with Bedri, I have learnt to drive safely, defensively and with care and consideration. I passed my test on the first attempt with only five minors.

Thank you Bedri

Nita | Harlesden, July, 2015


First of all, I would like to thank you very much for all the help that you have given me for my practical test. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the way you taught me the rules of the road and how to drive safely, I wouldn’t have passed first time, with only 11 lessons. I was very lucky to have such a professional and friendly driving instructor due to the fact that I don’t know anyone that has passed their practical with less than 22 hours of driving less. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.

Ernes | Wembley, July, 2015

Learning to drive was something I was so excited, yet so scared about. My friends had told me of good and bad experiences and expressed that finding the right driving instructor really was crucial. Having been recommended Bedris from friends who has passed with him, he soon too became my instructor. I can't not express enough how delighted and lucky I felt to have found myself an encouraging and friendly instructor. From my first lesson he pushed me to learn quickly but at a pace I felt comfortable with. I excelled quickly due to the fact that I was able to ask any questions, no matter how silly, and felt safe and in control. For anyone, no matter their age or experience I would recommend Bedris. He is an amazing, friendly and kind instructor who will always encourage and push you to be the best driver possible.

Katie | Camden, 2015

I was a very reluctant learner driver, who had 3 kids and was almost 40. I tried to learn to drive about 20 years ago but had an awful instructor who put me off wanting to drive. My husband had been nagging me for years to get my licence and then one day I finally decided it was time. I met Bedri in December 2013, and am so glad I did. Bedri was the most patient and understanding instructor who helped me to overcome my anxiety of driving. Each lesson, despite being nervous, I was happy to be driving as we would have some lovely chats about the world and life and I would learn the skills needed to help me sit my practical test. Bedri was very accomodating and able to work around me and my childrens schedules. I am so grateful to Bedri and was over the moon when I passed my test in May 2014. I will never forget the things Bedri taught me, his lessons will remain with me for the rest of my life. I would definatey reccomend Bedri to anyone who would like to learn to drive. Happy to be contacted if anyone would like to have a chat about my experience. Thank you

Patrizia Lorefice | Queens Park, 2014

I previously had a bad experience with a different driving school but this guy restored my confidence & I wouldn't have passed without him. Extremely encouraging and supportive of students, makes you feel at ease & comfortable about driving. Helped me to overcome areas that I saw as my weakness. I couldn't recommend anyone more & have already suggested this company to others!

Faye Warne | Teacher, Kentish Town, 2014


I passed my test first time after learning to drive with Bedri. I can't recommend BH driving school highly enough. Bedri was at all times professional, knowledgeable and great company. His calm and patient approach settled my nerves immediately and his belief in me greatly helped my confidence. Bedri is a really genuine person who wants all his students to pass first time. I'm very thankful for his methodical, thorough approach and feel he has made me a much safer, more aware driver. I now not only have a full driving licence but I gained a friend. I would definitely recommend Bedri's driving school to anyone who is looking to have support and high quality tuition when learning to drive.

Evelyn | Teacher, Neasden, 2015

A massive thanks to Mr Bedri, my driving instructor for helping me to pass my driving test with such confidence. It was a pleasant experience learning to drive with him. From day one he put me at easy and made me believe that I could do it and he was right. I can't say enough positive things about him but I want to say thank you again for making me safe and confident driver

Ishtiaq | Golders Green, January, 2015

Bedri is an excellent driving instructor, he gave me the skills and confidence to pass first time with zero minors! I had been learning with another instructor for a few months and felt that I was not progressing at all as I was still practising the same simple manoeuvres every week with no improvement. When I had my first lesson with Bedri I knew that I had been wasting my time before, as we moved on to more complicated things and then the simple manoeuvres became easy! Soon after passing my test, I got a job as a Sales Rep. I now drive up to 200 miles every day around the South East of England.

Chantal Benett | Sales Executive, Camden, 2014

A huge big fat thank you to Bedri!!! His patience and impeccable instruction techniques helped me pass my test first time round. He also always tried to fit in lessons that worked around my busy schedule as well as making the lesson as pleasant as possible. If you are looking to enjoy your lessons and pass first time round, Bedri is definitely your best option.

Saba Kebede Geressu | Bayswater, 2015

Without Bedri I wouldn’t have passed first time with such ease and confidence. Bedri’s relaxed, informative and highly challenging lessons mixed with his calm and collected methods of teaching ensured that I was 100% confident to pass first time. His excellent knowledge of all routes further ensured I passed straight away. Thank you Bedri!

Jay Kotecha | UCL student, Golders Green, 2015